NLP Training Courses for Nutritional Therapists

NLP Training courses for Functional Medicine Practitioners, Nutritional Therapists and Naturopaths

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Carolina Brooks Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist

About NLP

NLP Training for Nutritional Therapists. NLP also known as modern psychology looks at patterns of behaviour and where desired strategies to overcome certain behavioural problems and challenges. NLP is accepted today as one of the most powerful behavioural change solutions or coaching tools used by therapists, coaches, psychologists and health practitioners.

NLP is unique as it works with the unconscious mind and is based on the principles we weren’t born with behavioural abnormalities we simply learn’t them through habit and repetition and our life’s own personal experience. NLP Practitioners work on the premise we learned our behaviours and in the same way we learned them we can un learn them by almost installing a new program in our unconscious mind.

For therapists and coaches NLP is by far the fastest behavioural change solution available today and complements other therapies extremely well

NLP Training Courses for Therapists


Learn NLP Online or face to face

NLP Training courses for therapists. Add NLP to your skill set and offer your clients an even more powerful range of rapid change solutions and coaching techniques, offering your clients a truly holistic approach. Build your business and achieve fantastic results with your clients by adding NLP to your existing set of skills. You can learn NLP & Coaching through our Online E-learning courses or face to face in a classroom environment.

NLP Training Courses for Nutritional Therapists

Certified and Accredited

NLP Training courses for therapists. Our courses are accredited by BathH British Association of Hypnotists and NLP Practitioners, GHR, GHSC, and certified by ANLP Association of NLP, the UK’S largest NLP membership body for practicing professionals

nlp training for therapists

 “I am so pleased I found the course, it has changed my life and transformed the results I get with my clients, brilliant”

Doctor Mitsurah Bello PHD

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