Mark Shields, AKA The CAM Coach has been writing for Complementary & Alternative Medicine Magazine publications for several years now. Here is a collection of articles that have been published in the CAM Magazine, CAM Lifestyle & Holistic Therapist Magazine

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Small changes can make a big difference HTM Jan 17

Manage your Work-Life balance – Holistic Therapist Magazine

How technology support CAM practice – TILT Magazine

The Holistic Therapist Magazine Book Review: The CAM Coach Book

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Motivation, Inspiration & Procrastination

Forge a future for yourself in the CAM industry

Key principles of Teamwork


Sept 2013 : CAM Magazine – Coaching the K

August 2013: CAM Magazine – Are you a Serial Studier

July 2013: CAM Magazine – Social Media – Have you joined the revolution?

June 2013: CAM Magazine – Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway

April 2013: CAM Magazine – Client Coaching

March 2013: CAM Magazine – We are always the clients coach

February 2013: CAM Magazine – Researching your profitable practice

January 2013: CAM Magazine – Do you need new premises?


December 2012: CAM Magazine – How Social is your CAM practice?

November 2012CAM Magazine  – Key Performance Indicators Part 3

October 2012CAM Magazine – The Birth of the CAM Coach

THE CAM COACH book – launched October 2012 please visit

September 2012: CAM Magazine: – Key Performance Indicators Part 2

August 2012CAM Magazine – Key Performance Indicators Part 1

July 2012CAM Magazine – Getting your clients to choose goals & take action!

June 2012CAM Magazine – Understanding your client’s readiness to change

June 2012Holistic Therapist Magazine – Should it be Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company

May 2012: CAM LIFESTYLE – Is your boss bad for your health?

May 2012CAM Magazine – Keeping in touch with your target audience

April 2012CAM Magazine- CAM Coaching: Consistently sustaining a Profitable Practice

March 2012: CAM Magazine –  CAM Coaching – Business Philosophy, Vision & Mission revisited

February 2012CAM Magazine  – CAM Coaching: Achieve with a Mentor

February 2012: CAM LIFESTYLE – Career Boost

Jan 2012Holistic Therapist Magazine – BUSINESS Coaching: Embrace the New Year

January 2012CAM Magazine – CAM Coaching: Going the distance in 2012: Tele-coaching

January 2012: CAM LIFESTYLE – New Years Resolutions

January 2012Jersey Life Magazine – Getting a Mentor


CAM Magazine – December 2011 – 5 steps to a fast start in 2012

CAM Magazine- November 2011 – Make the most of the run up to Christmas

CAM Magazine – October 2011 – Achieve with NLP

CAM Magazine – September 2011 Top tips for Practitioners

CAM Magazine – August 2011 – Increase your client wallet share

CAM Magazine – July 2011: The Silent Challenge

CAM Magazine – June 2011 – Contact: The Strategy

CAM Magazine – March 2011 – Successful Communication is key

CAM Magazine – Feb 2011 – Attracting Quality Clients

CAM Magazine – Jan 2011 – Could we be better at closing our clients?


CAM Magazine – Nov 2010 – Procrastination, Motivation and Inspiration

CAM Magazine – Oct 2010 – The Difference that makes the difference

CAM Magazine – Sept 2010 – Sunday Night Syndrome

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